OXYGENFAD: A Pioneer in Underground Electronic Music

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Born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick, Oxygenfad has established himself as a leading figure in the underground electronic music scene. A seasoned performer, he has been using Fast tracker 2 since 1996, and was an early advocate of the Net Label movement in the early 2000s.

His unique approach to live shows sets him apart, as he uses a Nintendo DS to play his music, creating an energetic, hardcore rave-inspired performance that incorporates elements of stand-up comedy.

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Oxygenfad is known for his hard glitch, IDM, and breakcore sound, which has earned him widespread acclaim among fans of underground electronic music. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot), Robbie Belgrade (Alucarde from Castlevania SOTN), and PAZA (a chiptune veteran).

The Digital World
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Breakcores Not Dead
Oxygenfad looking at you

Photo credits https://www.hyperinstinct.xyz/

Oxygenfad in the studio for his "Live And Dawless" YouTube channel.

Humorous music video for the song "It's time to jump around"

Throughout his career, Oxygenfad has shared the stage with some of the most legendary figures in the underground electronic music scene, including NullSleep, Flashbulb, Ultrasid, and many others. With a deep passion for the genre, he continues to push the boundaries and inspire new generations of electronic music artists.

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